Natural Cork Breakaway Cat Collar
Removable bell
Double lined for extra comfort
Breakaway safety buckle
Natural Cork Breakaway Cat Collar
Choose your breakaway buckle
Size chart

Size chart

Supakit cat collars are super-adjustable in length, and come with a choice of breakaway buckle (Kitten or Adult). To find your cat's perfect collar size, simply compare your cat's current body weight with the size guide chart below:

Kitten Icon

The world's first breakaway collar that's safe for kittens

Adult Cat Icon

Your cat's furever collar once they are at the minimum safe weight

Cats that weigh between:

1kg - 2.5kg
2.2 lbs - 5.5lbs

Cats that weigh more than:


Our collars are so adjustable that you shouldn't need to check the length, but you can find the dimensions of our collars here just in case!

*To keep collar losses to a minimum, we recommend moving your kitten up to an adult buckle collar once they’re heavy enough. Learn more...

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This ultra luxe, super sustainable cork cat collar has it all! Handcrafted from natural vegan cork 'leather', the collar band is luxuriously soft, supple and flexible with a natural scent that puts your cat instantly at ease in their collar. Plus it's waterproof - perfect if you have an adventurous little explorer in your life!

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