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How to Remove a Cat Collar

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There may be times when you need to remove your cat’s collar. Let’s take a look at how to remove different collar types from your cat’s neck.

How To Remove a Breakaway Cat Collar

In a calm, relaxed manner, call your cat over to you or approach your cat. Locate the collar and the buckle. It may be helpful to rotate the buckle so that it is on the nape of your cat’s neck. Then, holding the edges of the buckle between your thumb and forefinger (where the collar band attaches), pull your hands apart to open the clasp. Once your cat’s collar is removed, remember to store it somewhere safe and out of your cat’s reach until you need to put it on again.

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How To Remove a Non-Breakaway Cat Collar

For non-breakaway cat collars, the method of opening can vary, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Regardless, you want to make the experience quick and stress-free for your cat. Call your cat over, or approach your cat calmly and locate the collar fixture. Rotate the collar so you have the easiest access to the buckle and remove it. Store the collar in a safe place until it needs to be put on again.

How To Remove a GPS Collar from a Cat

To remove a GPS collar from your cat, first, ensure that your cat is happy and relaxed. The GPS component may have its own attachment and need to be removed from the collar before the collar is removed (you should consult the manual specific to your collar type). Ensure you have easy access to the collar so you can remove it swiftly, avoiding any irritation or discomfort for your cat. Once the collar is removed you should store it somewhere safe and out of your cat’s reach until you need it again.

How To Remove a Flea Collar from a Cat

To remove a flea collar from your cat, call your cat over or approach them calmly. Depending on the fastening you may either need to pull the clasp apart or thread the collar tip back through the buckle to release it.

How To Remove a Cone Collar from a Cat

To remove a cone collar from your cat, it’s best seek advice from your veterinarian or health care provider that issued the collar to your cat. There may be a particular way or time that the collar should be removed. For example, if they have had surgery, the veterinarian may want to check how their wound is healing before they advise that their cone can be left off. When the time comes to remove your cat’s cone collar, make sure that you do it when your cat is content and relaxed, and make sure the fastening is in a position that you can access easily to limit any discomfort during removal. Once removed, store the collar in a safe place until you need to reattach it.

How Do Cats Take Off Collars?

Cats take off their collar in several different ways. Usually, if a collar is not fitted tightly enough, a cat can get its paw between the collar and its neck and apply enough force to unclip it. If your cat’s collar is uncomfortable, they will be extra motivated to try this escape technique! Alternatively, they may rub against something, intentionally snagging the collar and removing it that way. Whether removal is intentional or not, the fit is commonly the culprit. A snug-fitting collar is less likely to be caught and therefore should remain on your cat’s neck.

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Is There a Cat Collar That Won’t Come Off?

Yes, there are cat collars that won’t come off at all, but they are not recommended as a safe option for cats. Although it can be frustrating to lose a cat collar, collars that release under tension (so called breakaway or quick release collars) are potentially life saving for your cat, in the event that their collar is ever snagged. Breakaway buckle collars are recommended as the safest collar option for cats, and you can limit collar losses by ensuring they are designed to be comfortable for your cat, and that you achieve a good fit between the collar and your cat’s neck. Here at Supakit, we advise that Supakit collars are fitted so that you can slide one fingertip between the collar and your cat’s neck, with their fur compressed.

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Should You Take Off Your Cat’s Collar?

A well-fitting, comfortable cat collar should be suitable for long-term wear. However, there may be times when you will need to take your cat’s collar off. For example, you may be advised to take your cat’s collar off following vaccination, or when administering a back-of-the-neck treatment such as a flea spot-on. You may also wish to remove your cat’s collar periodically to clean it or to adjust the fit.

Do Indoor Cats Need Breakaway Collars?

Yes, indoor cats need breakaway collars. Even indoors, there can be potential hazards within the home, and as your cat explores indoors there is a chance that their collar could get caught or snagged. A breakaway collar will ensure that their collar can safely release in this scenario, allowing them to become unstuck.

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How Often Should You Change a Cat’s Collar?

You should change your cat’s collar as often as required. It is important to keep checking your cat’s collar fit as their size and weight can fluctuate. Their collar should accommodate this, but if it doesn’t then you may want to consider changing the collar. If a collar becomes damaged or worn, you may also want to change it. How often this happens will depend on the collar and your cat.

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Whichever collar style your cat has, make sure that removing their collar is quick, comfortable, and stress-free for your cat.