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What's special about the Supakit cat harness?

The Supakit cat harness was designed from the ground up with the unique needs of cats in mind.

When we first began, we - like many of our community - had noticed that most cat harnesses were modified versions of dog or puppy harnesses. Some had been made smaller, some had minor design adjustments. But they didn't cater to a cat's unique needs, body plan and style of movement. 

So we worked with our community to study what cats really need in a harness. We collected all of the niggles - big and small - with the harnesses they were already using. And then we started to build the Supakit harness' unique design. 

Here are some of the key design features built in to the Supakit harness:

1. Cradles your cat securely, but never holds them back

When we were thinking about how a harness should hold a cat, we found inspiration in an unusual place! In zoos and veterinary establishments, large four-legged animals are moved in sling hoists that cradle them around their body but don't put any pressure on their neck or limbs. That gave us the idea for our harness' body plan.

The Supakit harness cradles your cat around their upper body, spreading any forces over a large area so that they never experience tugging or pulling in any one place. It doesn't put any pressure on their neck, so is perfect for asthmatic kitties in particular. And it leaves their legs completely free for zoomies and mischief! 

Because the Supakit harness holds your cat at the core of their body, with straps that sit behind their elbows, it is resistant to the most ingenious of kitty escapes! You can read more about the escape-proofing of the Supakit harness here.

2. Appeals to your cat's super senses so they instinctively fall in love

We know how important a cat's sense of smell, hearing and touch are when it comes to accepting new things. That's why we only use natural materials like super soft cork and leather to make our harnesses. Their natural smell is instinctively appealing to a cat, they don't make any scary rustling noises, and they feel sublime to wear! 

3. A perfect fit for every cat

If you've ever stroked your cat the wrong way you'll know how intolerant they are of having anything brush against their fur! We designed the Supakit harness to move with your cat, sitting like a second skin so that they can forget that their harness is even there. To achieve this, the Supakit harness is fully adjustable on all four of its straps, and comes in three body sizes, so that you can achieve the ultimate fit - whatever shape or size your cat may be!

4. Super simple to put on (without somebody else to help!)

First impressions count. A happy harness adventure should start happily too - it shouldn't begin with a stressful struggle to get your cat into their harness.

We designed the Supakit harness to have just a single buckle to fasten, so that you can simply drop your cat's paws through the straps, and then fasten it up in a single move. The process is fuss-free and so fast your cat won't even notice what's been going on! 

5. Double attachment for extra security

The Supakit harness comes with a double D-ring attachment point - which is not only doubly safe, but like a climbing system allows you to cross your cat over from one type of leash to another without ever being completely untethered. It's perfect for times when they're clipped into their backpack, and you want to transfer them to a long leash, but don't want to risk them jumping out and running away. 

6. Designed to last a lifetime

Our harnesses are handmade in Europe by some of the finest craftsmen and women in the world. They are designed to outlive all other harnesses, and their natural materials will age and soften beautifully with time. All of our materials are ethically and sustainably sourced, supporting small local communities of artisan producers. 

Ready to start your cat's harness training journey? 

Just as our harness are unique, we know that every cat and their training journey is unique too! We have developed a free 10 Day Harness Training Bootcamp, that will help you take your cat from harness newbie to confident harness wearer in 10 days.