Adventure Cat Harness
Bengal cat in blue cat harness - The cat harness by Supakit
Cute adventure cat harness - blue
Leash for a cat harness
Vegan Cork Cat Harness - Blue
Cork adventure cat harness by Supakit

Vegan Cork Cat Harness - Blue

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Easy to put on
No loud and scary velcro, just a single buckle to fasten!
Super secure
Designed with the help of escape-artist kitties to hold your kitty securely
Cradles your kitty
For smooth support, without any pressure on their head or neck
  • Waterproof
  • Available in three sizes, with four fully-adjustable straps for every size of cat
  • Developed with the help of Harness Houdini cats to hold your cat securely
  • Natural materials which smell and feel just right to your cat
  • Simply step in, fasten the buckle and go!
  • Natural vegan cork tinted with 100% vegan dye

The Supakit cork cat harness is crafted from amazing vegan cork ‘leather’, harvested just a few miles away from our workshop in Spain, to keep your kitty’s carbon pawprint low. This super-sustainable material is just as strong and supple as our regular leather range, but best of all it's waterproof too!

Whether you’re hopping in the car for a journey, trekking through the wilds or your kitty is just napping in the sun, the Supakit adventure cat harness will be your cat’s perfect companion through their adventures great and small.

Please note: the Supakit cat harness is designed for use with a leash, under human supervision. It should not be used for unsupervised tethering.

The Supakit Cork Harness range has been created using 100% vegan friendly materials, from the cork itself to the tint used to colour them, everything is animal-produce free. This means that the colouring on your harness is non-toxic and very gentle. Although every effort has gone into making it as resistant as possible, please be advised that this may make it more susceptible to fading if it comes into contact with chemical substances such as grooming sprays, sun lotion or hand sanitizer. Avoiding contact with non-natural or harsh substances is advised.

As part of the development process for the Supakit cat harness we recruited a team of cat testers worldwide that we called our ‘Harness Houdinis’ - cats who had escaped from multiple harnesses in the past! With their help we’ve been able to make a harness that tackles all of the main kitty escape methods, including backing out.

There are a few things to get right to ensure that these escape-proofing features can work well for your cat:

  1. The correct size: The Supakit harness comes in three sizes, based on your cat's measurements. Take a look at our simple size & measuring guide.

  2. The perfect fit: The Supakit harness is designed to fit nice and close to your cat's body so that they can forget it's even there. Find out more about the perfect fit here.

  3. Good leash position: Leash position is everything when out exploring with your cat! Here's how to always make sure your cat's leash stays in the safe zone.

  4. Not tethering: For your cat's safety and for the escape-proofing features to work well, it's really important not to tether your cat to a fixed point. Exploring with your cat is a joyful activity to embark on together, and the Supakit harness is designed for use with a handheld leash only.

Hear from other escape artist kitties!

Escape-proof cat harness

"This is honestly the ONLY cat harness that my kitties have not been able to get out of. They didn't mind it ONE bit. We go out just about every day for hours, and I'm no longer scared to death of losing them."

Teresa C.
Escape-proof cat harness

"The ONLY harness Prince hasn’t escaped from! Just have to get it adjusted properly. I will order every color!"

Terry T.
Escape-proof cat harness

"This is just what Frasse needs! He is very prone to backing out of harnesses - but he did not manage to back out of this one! The Gatsby manages perfectly to follow the movements of my cat, without constricting movement."

Amira R.
Escape-proof cat harness

"Love this harness! I'm finally confident that we've found a harness that our cat Moon Moon can't wriggle out of! Super easy to put on (no need to pull something over her head!) and the 4-way adjustable straps allow us to get a great fit for her small frame!"

Kelly T.
Escape-proof cat harness

"Love this harness!! Thunder adjusted so well to it, so quickly. He is a huge escape artist and not once has he gotten out of it! It's lightweight and fits perfectly to his size. It looks gorgeous on him as well!"

Elizabeth H.
Escape-proof cat harness

"Amazing harness! I finally found the ideal model I was looking for. It is very easy to put on and off, and appears to be very comfortable, judging by how fast my cats accepted it (an absolute record). It also withstood an escape attempt due to a sudden fright, without hurting my cat's neck. I am now absolutely confident that my cats are safe during our daily outings."

Emilie C.

The Supakit cat harness comes in three adjustable sizes, to cater for every shape and size of cat (even little kittens and chonky floof-monsters!). Watch the video or follow the steps below to find your cat's perfect harness size:

Step 1: Take your cat's measurements

It takes just two simple measurements to find your cat's perfect Supakit harness size! Using a tape measure (or a piece of string that you measure on a flat ruler later), take the measurements below while your cat is standing up. Remember to draw the tape measure tight enough to compress any fur underneath!

Cat harness measuring guide

Measure from your cat's shoulderblades, around the front of their breastbone, and back again.

Cat harness size guide

Measure from your cat's shoulderblades, around the back of their legs, and back again. The tape measure should pass snugly behind their elbows.

Step 2: Compare your cat's measurements to the size chart

Once you've taken your cat's measurements, simply compare them with the size chart below

Kitten Icon
For kittens & petite adult cats
Adult Cat Icon
For average size cats
Large cat icon
For extra large cats

25 - 32 cm
10 - 12.5 inches

29 - 38 cm
11.5 - 15 inches

37 - 46 cm
14.5 - 18 inches


28 - 36 cm
11 - 14 inches

33 - 41 cm
13 - 16 inches

41 - 50 cm
16 - 20 inches

Harness Sizing FAQs

What if my cat is between two harness sizes?
Can I choose a size based on my cat's weight?

We're on hand to help! Ask your question below and one of our team will get back to you. We aim to respond to all messages within 1 business day.

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By cat people.
Just for cats.

Here at Supakit we go to the ends of the earth to design accessories for the unique needs of cats. Here's how we make that happen...

Designed for cats

We design accessories specially for cats, taking into account how our cats think, move and experience the world. We like to use natural materials because they instinctively feel and smell right to a cat - helping your cat settle into their Supakit accessory in no time at all!

Handcrafted with skill

Each Supakit accessory is expertly handcrafted with love and care by our workshop team in Spain. They're master craftsmen and women who use their extraordinary skills to craft an accessory for your cat that will fit them beautifully and stand the test of time.

Mailed with love

Finally, each Supakit accessory is packed up in its special collar tin or harness bag (we like to make our packaging useful, so you won't want to throw it away)... ready to become the ultimate happy mail for cats the world over!

We’ve all been there. We’ve tried a new harness on our cat, gone outside for the first time. They’ve gotten spooked. Wriggled out of the harness. It’s not a situation that anyone wants to be in. But we’ve discovered a harness that fits so well on our cats, Lumos & Noxie, that they can’t Houdini their way out of it: the Supakit Harness.

This week I'm styling Huxley with a smart leather collar from Supakit. It is one of the only places that makes quick-release collars in leather. Purrfect.




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