The Supakit Dog Harness For Small Dogs

Your search for the perfect dog harness for small dogs end here! Supakit harnesses have long been a favourite with cat lovers. Now, by popular request we're offically extending our range to cater to small dogs weighing up to 10kgs (22lbs). Meet the best small dog harness and leash around: ultra-secure, comfy, luxurious yet durable, and crafted for your dog's delight!

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Expert design

Our award-winning accessories are designed by leading behaviourists, putting comfort and safety first

Helping rescues

Every purchase contributes two meals at our partner sanctuary, supporting the well-being of animals in need

Highest quality

Each accessory is skillfully hand-crafted to create beautiful, functional pieces that stand the test of time

Love at first sniff

Supakit accessories are made from luxurious natural materials that smell and feel *just right*


We're proud to offer the Supakit dog harness for small dogs in three adjustable sizes, to cater to every small dog shape and build (including toy, teacup and miniature breeds). Check out our dog harness size & measuring guide to find your dog's perfect size.
Measuring your dog for the Supakit small dog harness and lead is a breeze. Follow our straightforward size & measuring guide to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for your dog.
The Supakit dog harness for small dogs is available in two options: natural genuine leather and vegan cork 'leather'. Both materials are equally supple and durable, with the only difference being their water resistance. The leather dog harness for small dogs is splashproof, while the cork harness can handle full immersion. Choose the cork harness if your dog loves to swim or if you live in a wet environment.
Seeking an escape-proof harness for your small dog? The Supakit harness is meticulously crafted to secure your spirited pup during their outdoor escapades. Engineered with a snug fit and innovative escape-resistant design elements, this harness is committed to providing unparalleled security for your little companion. To make sure that the escape-proof features work effectively for your small dog, there are a few additional factors to consider, such as ensuring that you pick the right size, achieve a correct fit, maintain safe lead position and embark on proper harness training for your dog's comfort and security.
For best results, we would advise using a Supakit lead with your dog's Supakit harness. In particular, the lead attachment points on a Supakit harness are somewhat smaller than on other harnesses, to be in proportion with your dog's body size and not add extra weight for them to carry. You may find that bulkier leads from other brands have trigger clasps that are too large to fit through these attachment rings. Explore our range, including options like xs dog harness and lead sets, for the perfect pairing.
Yes! We know how hard it can be to find a small or xs dog harness for your little cutie. That's why the Supakit small dog harness is specially designed for small, xs and xxs dogs! It is suitable for any dog weighing under 10kgs / 22lbs. You can find more information in our size & measuring guide
Yes, it is! The Supakit harness for small dogs has a step-in design and just a single buckle to fasten, to make putting your dog's harness on as simple as can be. Plus, for longer haired breeds, you'll be happy to hear that the harness is a velcro-free zone, ensuring that there is nothing to snaggle your cutie's beautiful fur.