Small Dog Harness - Emerald Green Leather

Small Dog Harness - Emerald Green Leather

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Introducing the Supakit leather dog harness for small dogs. It's the safe, comfy, beautifully stylish harness your small dog has been waiting for!

Here at Supakit we're perhaps best known for making cat harnesses. But small dogs have been using and loving our harnesses for years, and now we're delighted to extend our range to officially cater to small dogs too.

Designed specifically for dogs under 22lbs, the Supakit small dog harness is ideal for smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, King Charles Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians. It offers the ultimate fit and maximum comfort for your precious pup, keeping them secure, while allowing them to feel completely at ease.

Product features
  • Suitable for dogs weighing up to 22lbs
  • Four-way adjustability for the perfect fit
  • Super secure even for escape-prone pups (without putting any pressure on their head or neck)
  • Easy to put on, just fasten the single buckle and go!
  • Made from premium genuine leather

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Expert design

Our award-winning accessories are designed by leading behaviorists, putting comfort and safety first

Helping rescues

Every purchase contributes two meals at our partner sanctuary, supporting the well-being of animals in need

Highest quality

Each accessory is skillfully hand-crafted to create beautiful, functional pieces that stand the test of time

Love at first sniff

Supakit accessories are made from luxurious natural materials that smell and feel *just right*

Expertly crafted

Our leather and cork accessories are meticulously handcrafted by our workshop team in Spain, using traditional artisanal techniques. We don't just embrace these methods for their timeless charm. They allow us to engineer accessories are as light as a feather, soft as a cloud, yet tough enough to accompany your dog on every adventure!


We take pride in providing the Supakit small dog harness in three adjustable sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for every small dog, regardless of their shape or breed, whether they're toy, teacup, or miniature breeds. Explore our dog harness size & measuring guide to discover the ideal size for your dog.
We recommend pairing your Supakit harness with a Supakit leash. Our small dog harnesses feature attachment points designed to match the proportions of your small dog's body, preventing unnecessary weight and ensuring a secure fit. Other brands' bulky leashes may have trigger clasps too large to fit through these rings.
When it comes to the Supakit small dog harness, you have two choices: natural genuine leather and vegan cork 'leather'. Both materials offer flexibility and durability, but their main difference is their water resistance. While the leather option is splashproof, the cork version can withstand full immersion. Opt for the cork harness if your dog enjoys swimming or if your walks take you through wet environments.
Worried about your adventurous pup breaking free? Fear not! The Supakit small dog harness has a unique cradle design to hold your pup securely, without putting any pressure on their head or neck.
Cleaning your Supakit small dog harness is simple: just wipe it with a damp cloth and let it air dry. When not in use, store the harness out of your dog's reach to prevent any biting or playing, ensuring it stays in perfect condition for your next adventure.
No. The Supakit small dog harness is designed for use with a leash that is under human supervision at all times. It should not be used for unsupervised tethering.
Absolutely! The Supakit small dog harness is the ideal Chihuahua harness. With three sizes, each with four adjustable straps, it's designed to provide the perfect fit and maximum comfort for Chihuahuas of all sizes and shapes (even as a puppy Chihuahua harness!). We're often contacted by owners who tell us it's the best Chihuahua harness and leash they've ever found!
If you're looking for a dog harness for a Miniature Dachshund, the Supakit small dog harness is a perfect choice. With four fully adjustable straps, front and back, it's easy to tailor the harness to achieve a blissfully comfy, secure fit for your Miniature Dachshund's unique shape and size.
Certainly! Our small dog harnesses are perfect for the needs of Pomeranians, making them an ideal Pomeranian harness choice. Designed for both comfort and style, they feature a step-in design and just a single buckle to fasten, eliminating any snaggly velcro that could catch on a Pomeranian's longer fur.
Definitely! The Supakit small dog harness is not only an excellent Yorkshire Terrier harness but possibly the best Yorkshire Terrier harness available! Its adjustable design ensures a snug and comfortable fit for Yorkshire Terriers of all sizes, providing them with the freedom and security they need.
Yes, this harness is ideal as a Shih Tzu harness. The Supakit small dog harness, with its adjustable and comfortable design, is perfect for Shih Tzus, offering them a secure fit without compromising on style or comfort.