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Our how to harness train your cat course is here!

The Supakit Academy: Your cat's potential, unlocked.

Welcome to the Supakit Academy, a school for cats and their humans! Our cats are capable of incredible things. We're here to help you unlock your cat's skills and talents - in a way that is enjoyable and enriching for you both.

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1 course

Mobile compatible

Take your training course with you

All Supakit Academy courses are mobile compatible, meaning you can access them wherever you are. You may want to complete some of the activities outdoors - we've got you covered!

Whether you want to check your kitties progress whilst at work, see what your cat's next class is going to be whilst at the gym or simply complete the course in your garden - access the Supakit Academy easily.

Hear from past students


"This course has been so helpful!...
We have been delighted with Shelley's progress and we are now going a little bit further each day on our daily walks around the garden. It's wonderful seeing her exploring her world without fear and I can't thank Supakit enough."

Susie H.

"The course How To Harness Train Your Cat has been wonderful! Teaching my cat Sybil how to be comfortable in her harness is something I've not had much success with until going through this course...I really appreciate how clear and helpful both the video and written descriptions have been, and how the human taking the class is urged to really think about the experience from their cat's perspective."

Joshua S.

"What a great course! It is perfectly designed to help your cat to be comfortable with their harness and everything that he/she needs to be comfortable with (recall, carrier, leash).
The videos are packed with ready to use action steps! My cat did some great improvement and it's been fun to spend time with her in a new way."

Aurélie L.