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Shop our range of beautiful red cat collars. From rich burgundy to bright scarlet, if you're looking for a red cat collar to suit your cat's vibrant personality, we've got their perfect shade!

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Winner - Best Cat Collar, Cosmpolitan Pet Awards: "If you’ve got a wiggly floof who scowls when you even say ‘collar,’ this lightweight, barely-touches-the-fur pick is for you."
Best Leather Cat Collar: "You’ll appreciate this collar’s eight colors with gold metal accents...[and] your cat will like the light weight and slender fit."

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Our fully adjustable cat collars come in two sizes, with both an adult cat collar and kitten collar available. Our kitten size is for cats that weigh between 1kg - 2.5kg (2.2 to 5.5lbs), and our adult collars are for cats that weigh 2.5kg plus (5.5lbs+). For more information, check out our collar size guide.

The beauty of a red cat collar is that it can suit almost every type of coat coloration! But if you're looking for inspiration, we'd recommend picking a brighter red if your cat has a darker coat (e.g. grey, black or tabby). If your cat has a lighter coat, a deeper 'burgundy' red collar will stand out beautifully.