Quick release cat collar vegan black
Quick release cat collar black
Black cat collar - Supakit
Quick release kitten collar
Black Kitten Collars - Supakit
Fabric cat collars - Supakit - Black spotted

Quick Release Cat Collar - Black Spotted

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For keeps
Special design radically reduces collar losses
Ocean friendly
Helping to clean the world's seas of plastic
Ultra soft
So your cat can forget their collar is there!
  • Ultra slimline to prevent snags and collar losses
  • Scratch proof and fray proof
  • High quality breakaway buckle to keep your kitty safe
  • Removable jingle bell (simply unclips if you don’t need it)
  • Fully adjustable in length

The quick release collar that cats love to wear! With a waterproof and fray-resistant band, our super soft textile cat collars will stay looking great wherever your cat’s adventures take them. 

Our textile cat collars are made from SEAQUAL, a luxurious material created from recycled plastic that's harvested from the sea. For every unique cat collar made, plastic is removed from the oceans - creating happy kitties and happy fishes!

Important: Remove the collar before applying any topical treatments to your cat's fur (e.g. flea spot on treatments) and leave the collar off for 48 hours after.

We started Supakit with a mission - creating a safe, breakaway cat collar that cats would actually keep on! You can watch our origin story here:

Supakit collars are specially designed to dramatically reduce collar losses so that they can stay with your kitty through all of their adventures. They do this by tackling the two main causes of collar loss - snagging on things in the environment, and active removal by your cat.

Ultra slimline, to reduce the risk of snagging: Our collars are super slimline and supple which allows them to sit very close to your cat's body. This slimline profile means that there's much less chance of the collar getting caught on things as your cat explores, meaning that their collar can stay on safely through all of their adventures!

Super comfy, to reduce active removals: We discovered that most cats notorious for 'losing' their collars are actually deliberately escaping because they find them uncomfy! Our collars are designed to be so soft and lightweight that your cat won't even know that they have a collar on, making active removals a thing of the past.

Collar losses can still very occasionally occur (in the rare cases where a collar does get caught and the safety breakaway buckle does genuinely need to trigger). But in the unlikely event that you see repeated losses, please check out our collar loss troubleshooting guide.

Say goodbye to collar losses...

Cat collar that stays on

"This is the ONLY collar she has not attempted to take off! I’m very impressed with it."

Heather G.
Cat collar that stays on

"We had so many troubles to find a collar that our cat wouldn't lose on his outdoor adventures - until we found this one."

Alicia N.
Cat collar that stays on

"The first collar to stay on her. So I think it's safe to say she loves it too! 😻 Thank you 💙"

Chaska H.
Cat collar that stays on

"Ringo my Maine Coon, has gone through several collars in his short life (he’s 1 year 10 months old) as he basically pulls them all off! However, his lovely Supakit one has stayed put from day one."

Natasha W.
Cat collar that stays on

"I tried a few collars on my kitten before I tried Supakit and she always tried to get them off. But she doesn’t even notice this one is on as it’s so light weight and soft. 100% recommend!"

Lily G.
Cat collar that stays on

"LOVE this gorgeous collar! Ace no longer scratches or bites to try and escape it, and he looks so handsome!"

Sarah Jo K.

Supakit collars are super-adjustable in length, and come with a choice of breakaway buckle (Kitten or Adult). To find your cat's perfect collar size, simply compare your cat's current body weight with the chart below:

Kitten Icon

The world's first breakaway collar that's safe for kittens

Adult Cat Icon

Your cat's furever collar once they are at the minimum safe weight

Cats that weigh between:

1kg - 2.5kg
2.2 lbs - 5.5lbs

Cats that weigh more than:


Our collars are so adjustable that you shouldn't need to check the length, but you can find the dimensions of our collars here just in case!

*To keep collar losses to a minimum, we recommend moving your kitten up to an adult buckle collar once they’re heavy enough. Learn more...

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By cat people.
Just for cats.

Here at Supakit we go to the ends of the earth to design accessories for the unique needs of cats. Here's how we make that happen...

Designed for cats

We design accessories specially for cats, taking into account how our cats think, move and experience the world. We like to use natural materials because they instinctively feel and smell right to a cat - helping your cat settle into their Supakit accessory in no time at all!

Handcrafted with skill

Each Supakit accessory is expertly handcrafted with love and care by our workshop team in Spain. They're master craftsmen and women who use their extraordinary skills to craft an accessory for your cat that will fit them beautifully and stand the test of time.

Mailed with love

Finally, each Supakit accessory is packed up in its special collar tin or harness bag (we like to make our packaging useful, so you won't want to throw it away)... ready to become the ultimate happy mail for cats the world over!

We’ve all been there. We’ve tried a new harness on our cat, gone outside for the first time. They’ve gotten spooked. Wriggled out of the harness. It’s not a situation that anyone wants to be in. But we’ve discovered a harness that fits so well on our cats, Lumos & Noxie, that they can’t Houdini their way out of it: the Supakit Harness.

This week I'm styling Huxley with a smart leather collar from Supakit. It is one of the only places that makes quick-release collars in leather. Purrfect.




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